Four RETIGO DeliMaster 5

Four RETIGO DeliMaster 5
Four RETIGO DeliMaster 5




Les fours RETIGO sont à la pointe de la technologie et peuvent se comparer aux plus prestigieuses références sur le marché. Leur facilité de manipulation et de maintenance sont exemplaires et vous feront gagner un temps précieux.
La gamme DeliMaster combine en plus toutes les fonctions d'un four combi vapeur avec un four de boulanger. Idéal pour les cantines, les stations-services et autres points de vente de pain frais.
Suivez le lien de RETIGO dans la barre de droite et découvrez tous les détails de ce produit innovateur. N'hésitez pas à nous consulter pour discuter des différents modèles et options.
(Prix indiqué TTC, livré et installé)

Basic functions, features and benefits Controls Deli Menu – One-touch baking and cooking Deli Touch – Touch control screen — simple, attractive and very fast Pictograms, Touch&Bake – Cook and bake with just two taps The idea behind Retigo controls - Controls with maximum convenience Large colour display – Simplicity at work Deli Agent – User manual always at hand Deli Chef – An advisor to guide you to the highest product quality Operation Hot air 30 - 300°C Combination 30 – 300°C (humidity settings accurate to 1%) Steam 30 - 130°C Delta T cooking – Large portions cooked with microscopic control Low-temperature cooking/baking – Less food weight is lost Overnight cooking/baking – Saves time and money in many ways Cook & Hold – Same product quality, even when served later Golden Touch – Controlled food finishing through high-temperature baking Regeneration/banquet system – Serve more and better in less time Separate rack timing – Various products baked or cooked at the same time Automatic preheating/cooling – Compensates for lost or excess temperature when inserting food Savings Eco Logic – Electrical energy consumption under your control; actual kW consumption is displayed ACM (Automatic Capacity Management) – Program automatically adapts to the amount of food inserted Active Cleaning – Saves money and time while keeping the oven chamber cleaner and more sanitary Active Descaler – Automatically decalcifies the cooking chamber EcoLogic system – Energy recuperation and savings WSS (Water Saving System) - Minimizes water use Programming Programmes – 1,000 programmes with 20 steps QuickView – Displays programme steps fast — Simple orientation when setting programmes/steps Learn function – Perfects programmes to improve product quality Automatic start – Helps reduce idle periods and saves you time Steam control Advanced steam system – Excellent baking/cooking results Turbo steam – Stronger generation of fresh steam Autoclima – Controls steam saturation (with 1% precision) for better results Equipment Deli Design – Unique, attractive and functional 4-point temperature probe – Precisely controls food’s core temperature 5-speed fan with automatic reverse system – Baking without compromise Unique fan time control – 3-step fan time control Fan stop – Prevents steam loss when door is opened quickly Curved door glass – No risk of burns or energy loss Bi-directional fan – Excellent baking uniformity Integrated hand shower – Running water always at hand Robust door handle – Safe and comfortable to use Crosswise racks – No more burnt wrists; better visual inspection and handling Excellent halogen lighting – Precise visual inspection Door drip tray – No risk of slipping on the floor Unique cooking chamber surface treatment – Longer life and better hygiene AISI 304 stainless steel – No risk of corrosion IPX5 cover – Maximum safety in the workplace Removable door seal – Easy maintenance Service SDS – Service and diagnostic system — you save service costs and time HACCP – Show HACCP data right on the display, with no additional device Internet USB – Easily record and load data to and from the Deli Master LAN connection – Save time and manage your data over the Internet Vision Combi software – Special software, completely free, for editing and creating programmes Optional equipment Deli proofer Safety door opening in two steps Left door





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